Web Presence Bulk Import Guidelines

gShift offers a bulk Web Presence import feature to assist agencies with uploading large numbers of presences and/or keywords for new or existing clients. Agencies can use a spreadsheet template and lay out their clients' data in a structured fashion. This spreadsheet can then be sent to gShift at to upload into the software. 

The spreadsheet (attached below) has set column headings. Refer to the list below to reference which data should be in each column and how to populate them. 

  • Client Name - Name of the new or existing Client
  • Presence Name - Name of the new or existing Web Presence
  • Website Domain - Full website domain for the Web Presence. Must include HTTP:// or HTTPS:// as appropriate.
  • Kluster - Name of Keyword Kluster. NOTE: 1 Kluster per line.
  • Keyword - Keyword/Keyword Phrase. NOTE: 1 Keyword per line.
  • Search Engine (Choose One) - Select a search engine from the select cell. Screen_Shot_2018-05-22_at_2.43.34_PM.png
  • Country - Select a country from the select cell.   Screen_Shot_2018-05-22_at_2.43.48_PM.png
  • Location (if Search Engine supports it) - Select a Location from the select cell. (If a location is not available, please contact to see if it can be added.)


Here is what a properly formatted row should look like.


Best Practices

  • Duplicate rows with different Kluster names to quickly create Klusters.
  • To update existing Web Presence keywords, the Client and Presence Name must match exactly. 

Things to Double Check

  • Duplicate keyword/search engine combinations.
  • Watch out for trailing spaces in keywords.
  • Ensure all websites have http:// or https://.
  • Be mindful or www. vs non-www. websites.


  • Cannot add Mobile Search Engines at this time.

Next Steps in Web Presence Configuration

These steps can and should be completed, as necessary, within each Web Presence once its been created.

  1. Add & Configure Google Analytics & Google Search Console in the Web Presence configuration area.
  2. Add Competitors to the Web Presence either manually or via the Discovered Competitors Beacon.
  3. Add/Authenticate Social Accounts associated with the Web Presence.
  4. Review and configure Beacons within the Web Presence Overview Dashboard.
  5. Set up Scheduled Reports, as needed.


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