Are kontextURLs Case Sensitive?

kontextURLs with auto-created paths, are created in lower case by default. You can, however, create kurls with upper case characters in the UI/API.  There are some nuances to be aware of, when using mixed case kurls. 

kurls in their basic form ARE case sensitive and you can have two kurls with different destinations for each variation. 


When kurls are resolved by the server (i.e. when used in a browser), there are several attempts made to match the kurl to any configured on the server.  This is where it's important to understand the rules and order of matching.

At kurl resolution time, there is an order of precedence matching which occurs (first matching resolves and redirects the browser)

  1. Look for a full match with a mixed case kurl.
  2. Look for a match with a lowercase kurl (to browser mixed case)
  3. If neither of #1 or #2 matches the URL, the server returns a 404 error

*when creating kurls it's important to know the matching order, as another customer using a shared domain may have created a kurl with different mixed case (or all lower case) path and the end user may be directed to the wrong destination if they type it incorrectly (which is why gshift generally recommends using all lowercase for kurls)

Example #1:

kurl #1 - ->

kurl #2 - -> 

URL in Browser:  -  Redirected to  -  Redirected to  -  Redirected to  -  Redirected to


Example #2:

kurl #1 - ->

URL in Browser: - Redirected to - Redirected to 404 - Redirected to 404 - Redirected to 404

*Note the user may be directed to a "random" location,  instead of a 404, if someone else has previously created an all lowercase version of



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