Discovery Dashboard Template

The Discovery Dashboard is a collection of Data Beacons designed to help discover the right keywords, content and competitors to focus on. The following questions are meant to be answered by each Beacon.

  1. Discovered Keywords - Which are the best keywords to focus on related to those I am already monitoring for?
  2. Discovered Competitors - Who are the true, top online competitors I am not already following?
  3. Advanced Discovered Keywords - What keywords is my content or my competitors' content ranking for which I don’t know about?
  4. Discovered Content - Which content do I have which is ranking, receiving traffic or being linked to which I am not already following or actively optimizing?
  5. Top Content by Visibility - What is my top performing content in organic search or which pieces of content do I need to optimize?
  6. Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis - How much additional organic traffic can I expect to generate, by improving the rank of a keyword or an entire kluster of keywords?





How to Use a Dashboard Template

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