Analytics Dashboard Template

This Dashboard includes Data Beacons designed to provide insights on website traffic/conversion patterns and behaviour. Each Beacon is meant to answer a simple question.

  1. Website Traffic Timeline - Which completed activities or global events caused a notable changed in website sessions, pageview, conversions or bounces?
  2. Website Traffic by Channel - Which channels are delivering the most or least website traffic and/or conversions?
  3. Conversions by Channel - Which channels are delivering the most conversions on my website?
  4. Website Conversion Analysis Timeline - Which channels are delivering website traffic which converts and in which goal groups?
  5. Website Traffic by Device - What devices are visitors using to access my website?
  6. Website Traffic by Device by Channel - Where is my traffic coming from and what device are they using?
  7. Website Traffic by Location - Where are my website visitors geographically located?




How to Use a Dashboard Template

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