How are Local Positions displayed and reported on?

Local positions are displayed within Google search results in different ways. gShift reports on these different conditions within our positions panel and reports. 

1. Map Pack - Google will display a map at the top of the search results with top 3 locations for the keyword. gShift reports this condition as 1, 2, 3 along with the letters associated (A, B, C) from the map pack. 

2. Mixed Map Pack - Google sometimes mixes the map in with search results. gShift reports these positions wherever they show up within the search results. E.g. If the map is located after the first search result these positions would become 2,3,4. Each position is matched with the appropriate letter from the map. 

3. Isolated - Google may also isolate a single business within the Knowledge Graph to the right of the primary search results. These options are noted with Map letters next to positions in the Top 50 for matching domains. Note: The Top 50 is not impacted by this option, as it does not directly influence the positions on the page.  


Map Pack

Mixed Map Pack




If you have any specific questions about local keyword positions please reach out to support

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