Keyword Dashboard Template

The Keyword Dashboard includes Data Beacons designed to provide actionable keyword position data and insights. It has been layed out to provide a progression from high level to detailed metrics and each Beacon is meant to answer a specific question.

  1. Keyword Kluster Visibility - Which group (kluster) of keywords maintains the highest (or lowest) organic search visibility over time?
  2. Visibility Score Gauge - How relatively well is my organic search visibility doing for a selected kluster of keywords?
  3. Keyword Kluster Positions - How are individual keywords within a chosen kluster performing over time?
  4. Keyword Position and Volume Comparison - Which keywords within a selected kluster should I be focusing on based on position and average monthly search volume?
  5. Discovered Keywords - Which are the best keywords to focus on related to those I am already monitoring for?
  6. Advanced Discovered Keywords - Which keywords are my content or my competitors ranking for, which I don’t know about?




How to Use a Dashboard Template

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