Web Presence Comparison Beacon

The Web Presence Comparison Beacon is a must have Dashboard addition for any Agency or Enterprise looking to get a top-down view of the performance of all of their clients or presences in one place. This powerful Beacon reports on trends in key metrics including Visibility Score, Organic Share of Voice, Keyword Positions, Number of Search Results, Organic and Total Website Traffic, Conversions and Age of Domain, while also enabling users to drill down to see the data behind these numbers. Many of our users have reported this is their “Start of the day go-to page” and find it points to hot issues, which need to be dealt with or big wins they need to communicate.

Red and Green colour coding enables users to set and monitor performance thresholds to alert them to positive or negative results. Did my Visibility Score drop by more than 10% this month or did my traffic or conversions rise by more than 20%? If so, I want to quickly find out why.

Lastly, all of the data from this Beacon can be downloaded in a .CSV file for additional external analysis or integration.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or to learn more about this Beacon and how it can help you better monitor your agency clients or multi-presence enterprise.

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