How to Create Activities from Recommendations

Recommendations provide a quick way to create Activities within a web presence. Recommendations can be set at the Agency or Client level for the web presences within. If none are set at the Agency or Client level the system defaults are displayed. 

Follow these steps to create an Activity from Recommendations:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the Web Presence you would like to create Activities in. 
  2. Navigate to Activities > Recommendations. 
  3. Review the Recommendations in the list. 
    • Click Categories to refine the list.
    • Click Help Bubbles to see a short descriptions of the recommendations. 
  4. Check the Boxes of Recommendations you would like to create. 
  5. Click Add Activity button to create an Activity. 
  6. Fill out the following Fields:
    • Description 
    • Page Type
    • Due Date
    • Priority Override
    • Assigned to
    • Repeating Activity
    • Category
    • Completed
    • Completion Date
    • Time Entries 
  7. Click Save to Add the Activity.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions please reach out to support at


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