kontextURLs and Page Thumbnails

Some Content,Ad or Social platforms automatically create page thumbnails when you use a URL/kURL on their system. Depending on the 3rd party system , and their ability to properly handle the various redirect types an incorrect page thumbnail / page title may be created. The following items below can be used to diagnose / solve the problem with page thumbnails

1) 301 vs Javascript redirect type.   Most platforms do not support the JavaScript redirect type yet, and as such do not generate the proper thumbnail.   Try changing the redirect to 301. If the proper thumbnail is created, then please contact Support who can created a special rule to automatically detect the thumbnail generation process, and switch the redirect type on the fly. 

2)  If you are using a white label domain  and are using HTTPS/SSL, you must ensure that you have provided the proper certificate to gShift support. Page thumbnails may fail if a domain name mismatch on the default domain ( gets applied to a white label domain.

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