Setting up HubSpot with kontextURLs

kontextURL HubSpot Integration

Enables kontextURL click information on off-site or on-site content to be sent to HubSpot for integration with existing on-site pageviews and contact lead scoring. Leveraging kontextURLs' ability to generate engagement for off-site content, HubSpot users can now see 3rd party off-site engagement pre-conversion in the exact same way they see and score on-site content engagement.

How it works 

When kontextURLs are resolved and the browser is redirected, the redirect process injects the same tracking code execution, which happens when a browser is viewing/accessing on-site content. The same HubSpot tracking code is executed and sends the pageview data to HubSpot.

gShift Setup

Setup in gShift and HubSpot is a simple 5-minute process.

  1. Add the HubSpot Property ID under the kontextURLs Settings tab. 
  2. Temporarily - When creating kontextURLs click on Advanced and select JavaScript Redirect, to enable HubSpot tracking when the URL is resolved.

HubSpot Setup

  1. The domain used in kontextURLs needs to be setup as a cross-linked domain in HubSpot.

  2. A contact conversion form in HubSpot also needs to be created (or you can simply use an existing form).
  3. A cross-domain link needs to be created to link your kontextURL domain to an on-site property domain in HubSpot. This can be accomplished by creating and clicking once on a kontextURL for any on-site content page.  SUGGESTION: Create a unique kontextURL titled for each cross-linked domain you wish to track in HubSpot.

How It's Used

Contacts, pageviews and Lead Scoring are all managed in exactly the same way in HubSpot. However, HubSpot users will now also associate Lead Scores with any chosen kontextURLs used for off-site content.

When these kontextURLs are associated with and used to distribute off-site (non-HubSpot tagged) content, the clicks on these kontextURLs will appear as pageviews and will be scored accordingly for those HubSpot Contacts who have converted by completing a form. The HubSpot score will be much more accurate by virtue of having captured all of the off-site content engagement, which would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

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