kontextURL White-Labeled Domain Configuration

The gShift kontextURL server supports the following methods for using white label domains:

Domain Level CNAME
White-labeled domains can be configured using a domain level CNAME, however, the customer must provide their own DNS server (usually bundled with your domain registration) and it must be capable of allowing for a CNAME on the root domain. Not all registrars/DNS service providers allow this type of configuration. Please check with your domain providers. In order to use a CNAME in this fashion, just point your host "@" (domain) at in your DNS settings. No changes are needed by gShift to configure using this approach.

Name Servers
If you wish to use gShift name servers, which provide a higher level of scalability and availability, you will need to contact and provide the domain name you wish to use. Once configured in our system, we will provide you with the name servers to configure with your own domain registrar.

301 Redirects
Web-based 301 redirects are NOT SUPPORTED, as the domain name will be changed during the redirect.

We strongly recommend you contact support prior to purchasing your domain to ensure you have the right provider / purchase options. 

For any additional configuration support, please contact

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