How to Use Custom Date Ranges with the Web Presence Report

Follow these steps to create a Web Presence Report with Custom Date Ranges:

  1. Navigate to the Web Presence and Reports section. Select Web Presence Report.
  2. Choose "By Date Range" under Time Period. Select the custom date range you would like to report on:
  3. Choose a time period you would like to compare your first date selection to (Optional):
    • This can be Time Period or by Date Range. 
  4. Choose a Keyword Kluster:
    • All - All keywords in the Presence
    • New - Keywords added within the last 30 days
    • Favourites - Keywords identified as Favourites
    • Recent - Recently accessed keywords
    • Paused - Paused keywords
    • Non-Ranking - Keywords positioned outside of the Top 50 search results
    • Custom Klusters - Any specific klusters you've created 
  5. Decide which Sections and Options you would like to report on:
  6. Enable any Data Options you would like to enable. (Optional)
  7. Enable or Disable any Report Layout Options. (Optional)
  8. Click Run Now. 
  9. You will be taken to the View tab, while the report is being generated.
  10. Once the report is finished, click the applicable file format you would like to view or download the report in:
    • HTML - View and annotate the report within gShift prior to download
    • PDF - Export/download the report in an easy to read and printable PDF
    • XLSX - Export/download the report in an Excel file to easily manage and manipulate as needed. 
    • CSV - Export/download the report data in universal CSV format
      Note: Not all reports are available in XLSX or CSV formats if they include non-tabular data.
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