How to Add a Mobile Search Engine

Add a mobile search engine to track keywords and report on their positions in mobile search results. We support Google search results on mobile devices anywhere in the world. 

Follow the Steps below to Add a Mobile Search Engine:

  1. Navigate to the Web Presence you would like to add a search engine to. 
  2. Go to Keywords > Manage.
  3. Click the Add Button beside Search Engines in the left side navigation. 
  4. Select Search Engine: Google.
  5. Select Country/Region.
  6. Select by Mobile.
  7. Click "Choose" beside Position.
  8. Enter City or Location and Click "Locate" to locate the Longitude and Latitude. (The city or location you enter here will be used as the search engine name.)
  9. Click Use to Save the Longitude and Latitude. 
  10. Click Add. 
  11. The search engine has now been added to your Web Presence. 
  12. Now you can add keywords to this search engine


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