Paid Metrics


gShift users now have the option of including valuable Google Adwords campaign data alongside their Organic Search data within the Web Presence Report. Report on impressions, clicks and cost for up to three campaigns during a single time period or across two comparative date ranges. The data can be presented in both tabular and graphical timeline formats for easy analysis.

Note: Your Google Adwords account must be connected to your Google Analytics Profile and you can only report on Campaigns with Paid Traffic. 

How to Add Paid Metrics to your Web Presence Report

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the Web Presence you would like to report on.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Select Web Presence Report from the side Navigation.
  4. Select the Time Period.
  5. In the Paid Metrics section:
    • Select 1 to 3 Campaigns.
    • Select Paid Traffic to Show Traffic Stats in a table within the report.
    • Select Clicks, Conversions, Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion to display this data within the report.
  6. Click Run Now to create the report immediately or Schedule for Later to schedule and have delivered via email each day, week, month or quarter.



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