gShift’s New Overview Dashboard

At gShift, we are continuously updating our platform to better meet the needs of our users. Over the last few months, we have specifically asked for feedback on our primary Dashboard, to ensure our clients are seeing the data most important to them.  Last week, we rolled out our new and improved Web Presence Overview Dashboard, which includes more actionable Data Beacons up front and easily accessible.

Now when you log into gShift you’ll see the following at the top of the dashboard:

  1. Visibility Score Gauge – Displaying the current and previous Visibility Score of a Web presence to determine what progress is being made in Organic search.
  2. Competitive Share of Voice – How much organic search traffic are you driving for a specific kluster of keywords from a particular search engine vs. your competition over time? Are there any competitors you’re trailing or who are making moving up on you?
  3. Predictive Traffic Boost – Adjust desired keyword positions for any or all keywords within a kluster and search engine to see the estimated organic search traffic boost per keyword and in total. Find out what will happen if you are able to improve the position (e.g. from Page 2 to Page 1) of a particular keyword with a high monthly search volume.
  4. Advanced Discovered Keywords – Enter any URL (perhaps your competitor’s) to see which keywords it is ranking for within gShift’s search engine results page (SERP) database. Follow any of these keywords to see how your presence stacks up or to optimize for them.

(Note: Beacons #2 and #3 are Premium and being made available free of charge to all gShift customers for a limited time.)

Our dashboard is still completely customizable and can be rearranged in a way which suits your business needs.  Our primary goal is to continue to serve the varied needs of our customers and create SEO and content performance software which enables agencies and brands to both save and make money. 

Need a refresher on which Data Beacons are available or how to set up klusters to ensure you see an accurate Visibility Score? Please feel free to get a hold of our Client Success team at

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