How to Add a Local Search Engine

Add a local search engine to track keywords and report on their positions in a specific city or town within a country. We support Google search results in thousands of local locations around the world. 

If you do not see a location you need please contact support to inquire about having it added. 

Follow the Steps below to Add a Local Search Engine:

  1. Navigate to the Web Presence you would like to add a search engine to. 
  2. Go to Keywords > Manage.
  3. Click the Add Button beside Search Engines in the left side navigation. 
  4. Select Search Engine: Google.
  5. Select Country/Region.
  6. Select by City.
  7. Select a City. 
  8. Click Add. 
  9. The search engine has now been added to your Web Presence. 
  10. Now you can add keywords to this search engine


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