How to Forward Tags to the Destination URL

kontextURLs enable you to forward associated Tags either to Google Analytics or your Site/Server. This further enables you to use these Tags for reporting or to dynamically change the content on the page (Additional coding required). Aliases can be applied to any or all Tags, as required, thereby enabling you to change the spelling or name of a Tag to match a term your Site/Server or reporting tool (e.g. Google Analytics) understands. 

Follow the steps below to add Tag Forwarding to a kontextURL:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to your kontextURL dashboard.
  2. Click Create & Manage kontextURLs from the navigation. 
  3. Fill out the fields to create a Basic URL. (Do not click Create URL yet.)
  4. Select a Taxonomy and add Tags to your link, as required.
  5. Click the Advanced toggle.
  6. Click Tag Forwarding and Aliasing button.
  7. For Tag Forwarding:
    1. Choose a Tag you would like added to the URL. e.g.
    2. Repeat until you have added all the Tags necessary. 
  8. For Tag Aliases: (Optional)
    1. Fill in the Provide an Alias Field. e.g. Tag=Channel and Alias=Source as defined in your GA configuration.
    2. Repeat until you have added all the Aliases desired. 
  9. Click Save to save your additions. 
  10. Click Create kontextURL to create the new kontextURL with Tag Forwarding and Aliases in place. 

You will now see the tag values appended to the end of the destination URL when you click the kontextURL. 

Contact gShift Support if you need help setting up Tags, Forwarding or Aliases.



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