How to Remove Content Tags from kontextURLs

Content Tags can be added or removed from kontextURLs at any time. Common reasons you may want to remove tags from kontextURLs include: Typos, new Tag structures, more detailed tags or incorrect Content Tag and/or Tag Values. 

Follow these steps to remove tags from your kontextURLs:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to your kontextURLs at the Agency, Client or Web Presence level where your kontextURLs have been created.
  2. Go to the kontextURL List dashboard.
  3. Click the Edit  button next to the kontextURL you would like to remove tags from. 
  4. Click the X beside each tag you would like to remove. 
  5. Click Update to save your changes. 

Tip: If you need to remove tags from multiple kontextURLs consider using the Bulk kontextURL Editor


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