How to Edit Content Tags

kontextURL Content Tags can be edited at any time. Some common reasons you may edit tags on a kontextURL include typos, incorrect tag values and/or new tag values.

Follow the steps below to edit your Content Tags:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the kontextURL section (at the Agency, Client or Web Presence level where your kontextURLs have been created).
  2. Go to the Tags and Taxonomy Dashboard.
  3. Select the Content Tag you would like to edit. 
  4. Remove, Rename or Add Tag Values. 
    • To Remove Tag Values click the Red X
    • To Rename Tag Values click the Edit Icon and change the value and click Save. 
    • To Add Tag Values, select a Tag and then fill out the Create New Tag Value field.
  5. Click Save Tags to apply the changes. 

Content Tags and Tag Values will now be updated anywhere they are in use. 

Note: You cannot remove Tags or Tag Values which are in use on any kontextURL. Please remove the Tag or Tag Value before trying to remove it from your list of Tags. 


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