Privacy Policies

With kontextURLs you can provide users with an intermediary page with a privacy policy letting users choose to have cookies or not. You can create multiple privacy policies and assign it at the time of creating the kontextURL. 

To get started with privacy policies do the following:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the konextURLs section you would like to add a privacy policy too.
  2. Navigate to kontextURL settings and click on the Privacy Policy Manager tab. 
  3. Click the blue New Policy button. 
  4. Enter a Title for the Privacy Policy and the Content for the Privacy policy in the modal (Full WYSIWYG Editor to style as needed). 
  5. Click Save Policy to save the privacy policy. 
  6. Navigate to Create kontextURLs
  7. Fill out the kontextURL information and click Advanced. Click "Enable users to allow/disallow cookies" under the Privacy/Cookie Setting and select the Privacy Policy you just created. 
  8. All Done. Create the kontextURL and users will see the privacy policy when they click the kontextURL. 



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