January 2016 Software Release

gShift’s January 2016 release includes a number of new features and several usability/functional changes, which are highlighted and detailed below.

Visibility Score Gauge Beacon (Standard)

The Visibility Score Gauge has been designed to provide a quick visual indication of how a selected kluster of keywords is performing within a specified search engine relative to the previous 7, 30 or 90 Days. The Visibility Score, reflected in other gShift Beacons, is configurable by adjusting keyword position click through rates. By default, a kluster’s score is considered low in the 0 to 20 range, acceptable from 20 to 50 and high when reaching levels above 50. Multiple gauges can be configured side-by-side to monitor the relative performance of multiple klusters.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you have any questions about configuring and leveraging this Beacon to gain important keyword insights within your Custom Dashboards.


Competitive Share of Voice Beacon (Premium)

Every organization is interested in understanding its online Share of Voice. From an organic search perspective, this means what volume of traffic a brand website can expect to receive relative to its competitors. The Competitive Share of Voice Beacon provides this answer for a selected kluster of keywords and search engine over a specified time period. This premium Beacon combines keyword position data, average monthly search volume data and click through rate statistics to establish the approximate aggregate share of organic traffic derived from the selected keyword kluster. The data can be presented in a timeline graph or pie chart, as preferred.

Contact if you have any questions about this Beacon, other Beacons or setting up Custom Dashboards.


Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis Beacon (Premium)

What would happen if you were able to optimize your content around a specific group of keywords and in so doing improve your organic search ranking for some or all of those keywords? This Beacon enables you to find out ahead of time, by displaying the anticipated effect or traffic boost caused by improving keyword positions. gShift combines monthly average search volumes by search engine and configurable click through rates for each keyword position within a selected kluster to provide invaluable predictive insights around which keywords will provide the biggest boost.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you want to find out more about using this premium Beacon to analyze your keywords and keyword klusters to drive more targeted website traffic.


Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon (Premium)

Which keywords is your or your competitors’ content currently ranking for which you don’t know about? The powerful Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon digs deep into gShift’s search engine results database to reveal previously unidentified keywords a domain or URL maintains positions for in a specified search engine or across all search engines you may be monitoring. Simply type in any website and watch as gShift reveals a prioritized list of unfollowed keywords based on an algorithm factoring in search volume, competition, number of positions maintained, date last found ranking and the number of results returned. Begin following these keywords in gShift to gain additional insights into how you can build authority, visibility and traffic for your content.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or to find out more about subscribing to and leveraging this valuable new Beacon.


Usability and functional changes introduced in this release:

General Platform

  • Link Google Analytics Enabled and Google Webmaster Enabled Text in Website Config
  • Change Label Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console
  • Keywords>Research Search Volume Page Help Bubble
  • Create Activities Module to Control User Access
  • Auto Refresh Site Audit List
  • Create API Endpoint Used to obtain Agency/Presence ID Mapping
  • Add Site Audit Button to Web Presence Overview
  • Add Date Range to Keyword Ranking History Report CSV
  • Collect Page/Content Title for Google SERPs
  • Modify Keyword Modal in Manage Search Engines
  • Create Beacon Module to Control User Access

Beacons and Dashboards 

  • Beacon Library and Minor Beacon Mods
  • Visibility Score Gauge Beacon
  • Change Create kontextURL Description in the Beacon Library
  • Visibility Score Gauge Beacon Library Image and Description
  • Share of Voice Beacon Mods
  • Visibility Score Gauge – Click to View kluster option


  • Add Date Range to Keyword Ranking History Report CSV
  • Update the Tips page in Reports Section


  • kontextURL Details Mods – Truncate Destination URL and Add Link to Icon, Move CSV Download Button
  • kontextURL Conversion Path Data Beacon Update
  • Ability to Edit Tags, Tag Values and Taxonomy
  • kontextURL Multi Creator Mods – Auto-populate URL Titles, Add Edit Icons, Label Updates
  • kontextURL Details Dashboard Beacon Default Date Range
  • kontextURL Details Beacon – Display Tag Values
  • Change the .CSV File Name
  • Conversion Pathway Config and Visualization Mods
  • Create kontextURL – Multi Create – improve identification of multiple tags
  • Add ability to Search by kontextURL or Destination URL to kontextURL Generic Data Beacon

Site Audit

  • Add Site Audit to Competition section
  • Auto Refresh Job List In SiteCondor
  • More Information for Admin User Job List
  • Site Audit XLSX Report Formatting Mods
  • Site Audit Default Website Size

gShift User Training Schedule

Click here to access our User Training schedule and register for any group sessions where you feel you could use an introduction or a refresher.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or should you have any questions about these new features or how to leverage them to optimize your Web presence.

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