How to Edit a Conversion Path

Conversion Paths are useful to track paths to conversions with your content on or off your website. Sometimes it may be necessary to edit a path. This could mean adding a step or removing a step or rearranging the order. 

Follow the steps below to edit a conversion path:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the kontextURLs > Conversion Paths Dashboard that has the path you would like to edit. 
  2. Search and/or select the Conversion Path in the first column. 
  3. Add any kontextURLs to the Conversion Path by selecting the green arrow beside the kontextURL Name in the second column. (Optional)
  4. Edit the Steps by doing one of the three actions:
    • Up Arrow - Moves step up
    • Down Arrow - Moves step down
    • X - Removes step from the conversion path.Edit_Conversion_Path_-_3.png
  5. Edit the configuration of the path by changing the values for:
    • Conversion Path Target Traffic
    • Conversion Value
    • Total Spend
  6. Click "Save Conversion Path" to apply your changes. 



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