Google Adwords Data in the Web Presence Report

Include Google Adwords Data in the Web Presence Report with a few easy steps.

To include Google Adwords data you must connect Google Analytics and Google Adwords and have an active campaign. Click here to learn how to connect Google Analytics to Google Adwords

Follow these steps to include Google Adwords data in the Web Presence Report:

  1. Navigate to the web presence you would like to report on
  2. Navigate to the reports section
  3. From the Web Presence Report Create screen select the campaigns you would like to include.
  4. Finish configuration of the Web Presence Report including sections, name, time periods and then click run to create the report. 
  5. Once complete you can see the Adwords data in the HTML, PDF or DOCX format of the report. 

Note metrics comes directly from Google Analytics.  



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