Actions you can take from Content Details Panel

The content details panel provides lots of insights on your content. In this article, we will give an overview of some key insights you can obtain and actions you can take based on the same.

  • Content Name - This section shows the name for the piece of content. By default, this is the Page Title or it may be empty (Depending on how it was added). Clicking this will allow you to rename the content for easy identification in Dashboards and Panels. 
  • Icons beside the Content Name - These icons represent a relationship with the piece of content. Icons include:
    • Favourite
    • Campaign
  • Switch Page - This button allows you to quickly navigate between any followed content.
  • Left Side Navigation - The navigation on the left side is categorized into Web Page, Insights, Backlinks, Tasks and Actions. Clicking any of these items will provide more granular data related to the piece of content you've accessed.
  • Analytics Summary - Provides an overview of the key analytic metrics for a piece of on-site content. Clicking the labels will dive into additional details about each metric.
  • Page Social Signals - Provides an overview of the social signals (Likes/Shares) this page has generated. These are most commonly generated through social sharing buttons found on the page.
  • Top Keyword Positions - Highlights the top keyword positions the content is ranking for in each followed search engine. Click on a keyword to navigate to the Keyword Summary panel. Click on a Search Engine to navigate to the Keyword Positions panel for the search engine. 
  • Page Details - This section provides technical information including:
    • Thumbnail of the content (when available)
    • Dates for: Started Following and Last Updated
    • Seconds to load
    • HTML Size in KB
  • Backlinks - Gain insights into how many backlinks are pointed at the piece of content. Use the dropdown to toggle between Standard or Majestic SEO (click here to learn more about configuring a Majestic SEO backlinks account) data which includes: Backlinks, Unique Domains and Anchor Text.  Click on the Totals to obtain additional details. 
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