How to Set a Default Keyword Kluster

Setting a Default Keyword Kluster is an important step to take when setting up Keyword Klusters. The default Keyword Kluster is used when a new beacon is set up that inherits the Kluster (Beacon is a Template).  Think of the default Keyword Kluster as the main set of Keywords for the web presence. 

Tip: Keyword Klusters should be a small group of keywords (10-15 keywords)

Assumption: You have set up a Keyword Kluster. 

Follow these Steps to Set a Default Keyword Kluster:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to a web presence. 
  2. Go to Keywords. 
  3. Go to the sub-navigation Manage. 
  4. Select the Keyword Kluster you want to set as a default from the left side. 
  5. Click the Set Default Kluster button. 
  6. This Keyword Kluster will now be set and identified with a star beside it.
  7. That's it you are done. You can change the default keyword Kluster any time. 



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