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The Visibility Score Gauge provides quick insight into the current performance of a keyword Kluster within a specific search engine. Scores between 1 and 20 are considered Weak, 21 to 50 are average and 51-70 are strong. The Visibility Score is calculated based on totalling values assigned to each keyword position maintained for each keyword within a Kluster of keywords. These values are based on industry average Click Through Rates, but can be adjusted at the Agency Level under Visibility Insights in the Settings section. This totalled values are then divided by the highest possible score attainable to provide the Visibility Score.

This Beacon also displays the Visibility Score from 7, 30 or 90 days ago as a comparative point of reference. You may choose to create two or more Beacons side-by-side to compare the relative strength of different Klusters.



Follow the Steps below to add the Visibility Score Gauge Beacon to a Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon to.
  2. Click the Add Beacon button.
  3. Click the Create and Configure Beacon button.
  4. Select Visibility Gauge Beacon from the Beacon list. 
  5. Enter a Name (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section.)
  6. Enter a Title (Displayed in the Dashboard).
  7. Enter a Description (Used in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section.)
  8. Select the Date Range you would like to report on.
  9. Select a Web Site you would like to report on.
  10. Select Search Engine(s) you would like to report on.
  11. Select a Keyword Kluster you would like to report on. 
  12. Optional - Check the Template Box if you would like to make the Beacon a Template for use on other Dashboards.

Contact if you require any assistance setting up this Beacon or managing keywords, klusters or search engines.

Screenshot of the Configure Visibility Score Gauge Beacon


  • The Arrow beside the Visibility score indicates if your Score is Higher or Lower than the previous time frame.
  • Scores: 0-20: Low, 20-50: Moderate, 50+: High

Now What:

  • Create multiple Gauges side-by-side for different klusters, search engines, etc.
  • Quickly identify the relative strength and progress for a selected Kluster of keywords and search engine. Use this to focus attention on underperforming Klusters and keywords.
  • Use the Config cog in the top right hand corner of the Beacon to adjust any settings (Date Range, Website, Search Engine, Kluster) to obtain different views and insights.
  • Focus on optimizing and/or developing content and links around low ranking keywords within a Kluster to improve the Visibility Score. 
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