How to Remove a Social Account

Removing a social account is a straightforward process. Take caution though as if you remove an account data associated with the account will be removed with it. 

Common Reasons you may want to Remove a Social Account:

  • Account Credentials Changed
  • No longer used
  • Errors


Follow these Steps to Remove a Social Account:

  1. Login to gShift. 
  2. Navigate to a Web Presence you Would like to change. 
  3. Click Presence Data. 
  4. Click Configure in the header. 
  5. Select the Social Account you would like to remove on the left side navigation. 
  6. Click the X icon or Remove button (Depends on the Social Account, Refer to images below.)
  7. Read and accept the warning. 
  8. That's it you're done. 




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