How to Resize a Beacon

Dashboards are completely customizable and can be rearranged and resized. Resizing a Beacon can be helpful to ensure all data is displayed or display multiple Beacons in a smaller space. 

Assumption: You have Permissions to Edit Dashboards

Follow these Steps to Resize a Beacon:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to a Dashboard with Beacons.
  2. Click the Edit Icon in the Dashboard Navigation. 
  3. Resize Icons now appear in the Bottom Left and Right of all Beacons. 
  4. Click the Icon and Drag Left or Right, Up or Down to Resize the Beacon. 
  5. Red Shading behind the Beacon Shows you where the Beacon will be based on how you are resizing the Beacon. 
  6. After you have finished resizing the Beacon you should click the Edit Icon to finalize the changes.
  • Note: Changes are saved instantly but disabling the edit function will help ensure nothing else gets changed by accident. 


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