How to use RegEX to Include pages in the Site Audit

This optional field can be used to create a regular expression to define Directories and/or Content Pages to be included or excluded from a Site Audit crawl. For example, a Regular Expression such as '^business/(products|services)/' will cause the crawler to only follow URLs which start with business and are followed by either '/products/' or '/services/'. 

Note: This setting cannot be used together with the Include and Exclude Filters.

Please contact or visit the Knowledge Center if you need help with regular expressions.

Follow the steps below to use RegEX in the Site Audit feature:

  1. Login and navigate to the Web presence you would like to create a Site Audit in. 
  2. Navigate to Site Audit panel under Content or Competitors. 
  3. Select a website or use the Custom URL tab to audit any URL and enter the URL. 
  4. Select Resource Types. 
  5. Select Website Size.
  6. Click Advanced Options. 
  7. Click Custom Filters.
  8. Enter the RegEX in the text field. 
  9. Click Run Site Audit to create the audit. 
  10. Check the Resources > On-Site Content to verify the RegEX worked. 

Need help learning RegEX? Click Here





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