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The Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon is a powerful tool, which helps uncover the keywords any domain you choose is ranking for across multiple search engines. In other words, what keywords am I being found for which I don't already know about. This is effectively a way to search the search engines gShift maintains data for. The keywords returned are graded and displayed in order of relevance using a gShift algorithm, which factors in:

  • average monthly search volume
  • competition
  • age (when last found in Search Results)
  • the number of search results returned

This Beacon displays keywords, their search volumes, their current and best positions for the selected time period and the number of search results returned. 

Relevant keywords may be Followed directly from the Beacon. Those which are not deemed relevant can be Ignored, so they do not show up again.



Follow the Steps below to add the Advanced Keyword Discovery Beacon to a Dashboard:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon too.
  2. Click the Add Beacon button.
  3. Click the Create and Configure Beacon button.
  4. Select Advanced Discovered Keywords from the Beacon list on the left. 
  5. Enter a Name (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  6. Enter a Title (Displayed in the Dashboard).
  7. Enter a Description (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  8. Select a Web Presence you would like to report on.
  9. Optional - Check the Template Box if you would like to make the Beacon a Template for use in other Dashboards.

Contact if you require any assistance setting up this Beacon or managing keywords, klusters or search engines. 

Screenshot of the Configure Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon Panel:


  • Check the Boxes to select keywords to Follow or Ignore.
  • Keywords are Paginated. Use the page numbers and arrows to navigate between pages of keywords.  

Now What

  • Discover and follow high volume, relevant keywords to monitor how you are positioned relative to your competitors and/or to optimize content for these keywords.
  • Ignore keywords which are not related to your brand, products or services.
  • If you obtain no results try to adjust domain/URL you are using to conduct your search.
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