Competitive Share of Voice Beacon


The Competitive Share of Voice Beacon is an extension of the Keyword Kluster Visibility Score Beacon, which also factors in the Average Monthly Search Volume of each keyword within a Kluster to produce a relative Share of Organic Search Visibility vs. selected Competitors displayed on a timeline or in a pie chart. The Share of Voice is expressed both as an Estimated Traffic value and as a percentage vs. selected Competitors. This Beacon can include a Comparison of up to 10 Competitors.



Follow the Steps below to add the Competitive Share of Voice Beacon to a Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon to.
  2. Click the Add Beacon button.
  3. Click the Create and Configure Beacon button.
  4. Select Competitive Share of Voice Beacon from the Beacon list. 
  5. Enter a Name (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  6. Enter a Title (Displayed in the Dashboard).
  7. Enter a Description (Used in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  8. Select the Date Range you would like to report on.
  9. Select a Website you would like to report on.
  10. Select up to 10 Competitors you would like to report on.
  11. Select the Search Engine(s) you would like to report on.
  12. Select a Keyword Kluster you would like to report on. 
  13. Select Chart Type - Timeline or Pie Chart. This will determine how the data is displayed. 
  14. Optional - Check the Template Box if you would like to make the Beacon a Template for use on other Dashboards.
  15. Optional - Check the Link Keyword Klusters Box if you would like the ability to link from the beacon to the Keyword Details panel. 

Contact if you require any assistance setting up this Beacon or managing keywords, klusters or search engines.

Screenshot of the Configure Competitive Share of Voice Beacon


  • The estimated traffic levels are based off of aggregated visibility scores and search volumes for the keywords within the selected Keyword Kluster. 
  • Click on a Data point to go to keyword panels to review Keyword Positions. (Link Keyword Klusters option must be turned on)

Now What:

  • Quickly identify how your kluster of keywords is performing vs. the competition and whether or not you need to adjust your optimization or content strategy/tactics. 
  • Change Beacon options (Date Range, Kluster or Competitors) to get different relative views of your visibility and potential to drive website traffic.
  • Drill down and focus on optimizing lower ranking keywords within a Kluster to better compete with your competitors.
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