How to Publish a Site Audit as a Report

You can easily publish a Site Audit as a Report in PDF format to send to your clients or Excel format to use as a functional working document listing the Recommendations and/or Technical Details outlined in the Audit. 

Follow these Steps to Create a Site Audit Report:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the appropriate Web Presence.
  2. Create a Site Audit.
  3. Once the Audit is complete click on View Audit and then click on the green Create Report from this Audit button.
  4. Alternative, navigate to Reports via the Reports button in the main navigation. 
  5. Click Site Audit from the left side navigation.
  6. Select the desired Audit from the dropdown.
  7. Select which Sections of the Site Audit you would like to be included in the report.
  8. Select how you would like to format the Title Page under Report Layout Options.
  9. Click Run Now to create the Site Audit Report. 
  10. Access and download your published report in PDF or Excel format by click on the View tab.


Why Create a Report

When you create a Report from a Site Audit, gShift provides two file formats to choose from: PDF or Excel. The PDF is the ideal format to provide to clients or colleagues who simply want to review the Audit Details. The Excel file contains multiple worksheets with all of the details from the Site Audit. The Excel file is a great working file to refer to when implementing recommendations and/or making technical adjustments to a website as you can record both the Before and After states within a single document.

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