How to Send kurl Clicks Directly to Google Analytics as Pageviews

kurls are smart URLs, which enable you to track engagement (clicks) and send them directly to your Google Analytics account, even if the content/page you want to track doesn't include Google Analytics code or you don't have access to it. kurls can remotely send information to any Google Analytics Profile you specify and have access to. This functionality can be particularly useful for tracking offsite content engagement and conversions. For example, in GA you could see whether or not the links within an external influencers blog post were clicked or if a form was submitted on a website you do not control (provided unique kurls were used on these properties).

If you would like to register clicks on kurls as pageviews in Google Analytics, configure the following when creating your kurl:

  1. Create your kurl
  2. Select appropriate Tags and Tag Values
  3. Go to Advanced Settings and Select Tag Forwarding & Aliasing
  4. Select Send Analytics Events Direct to Google Analytics
  5. Select Google Analytics Tracking Code to send pageviews to.
  6. Select Tags to match Google UTMs (optional)
  7. Add GA Custom Dimensions (optional)
  8. Click Save
  9. Publish/distribute your kurl
  10. Check Google Analytics for pageview data




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