How to Leverage the Power of kontextURLs

kontextURLs are powerful URLs that allow you to track the performance of your content on and off your site. Some other ways you can use kontextURLs to gain insights include:

  • Creating kontextURLs for images on your website.
    • Create kontextURLs for the image within gShift and then replace the images URL within the content to the kontextURLs to gain insight to clicks and conversion pathways. 
  • Creating kontextURLs with Google Analytics to Track Custom Dimensions.
    • Create kontextURLs and assign Custom Dimensions to kontextURLs within gShift. Share the kontextURLs and review Beacons to see metrics from within it. 
  • Creating kontextURLs for each Social Network.
    • Create kontextURLs within gShift for your content. Create a unique kontextURL for each Social Network you are sharing it on to better track the impact and conversion paths.
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