How to Use a Dashboard Template

Once you have a Dashboard Template setup, you can add it to a Client or Web Presence Dashboards area.

  1. Navigate to the Client or Web Presence you would like to add the templated Dashboard to.
  2. Click Dashboards
  3. Click Add New Dashboard
  4. Select the Dashboard you just created from the Select a Template column. 
  5. Your new Dashboard will be added. Simple Beacons will automatically appear and/or populate with data. Most Beacons will require some configuration, such as selecting a website, search engine, competitor(s) or keyword kluster. To configure Beacons do the following:
    • Click the Wrench icon
      • Select/Fill in the Highlighted Fields
      • Click Update to apply changes
  6. Repeat Step 1-5 until you have configured all of the Beacons within your templated Dashboard.

Your new Dashboard is ready to go and provide you with powerful insights into the performance of your Web presence.

Need Help setting up a Dashboard Template? Contact us and we will be happy to help out.

Need a custom Beacon or Dashboard created? Contact us we can develop custom Beacons and Dashboards with gShift or 3rd Party data to answer any of your most pressing digital marketing questions in one place. 

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