How to Delete a Web Presence

If you need to remove a Web Presence because you are removing a Client, restructuring your account or just general clean-up, this can be done through the Settings panel in a Web Presence. Note: You need to have Admin permissions in order to be able to complete this action. 

Follow these steps to Delete a Web Presence:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the Web Presence you would like to delete. 
  2. Click Configure in the Header.
  3. Click General in the sub-navigation.
  4. Click the Delete Web Presence button in red.Settings_For_Web_Presence___Web_Presence_Optimizer__1_.png
  5. Read the Warning: Check the Box noting you understand the action you are about to take and then click the red Delete button to confirm you would like to delete it. (This action CANNOT be undone) 

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