How to Report on kontextURLs

After you have created and distributed your kontextURLs, you likely want to obtain some data and report on the performance of your content.

To review data gathered for your kontextURLs you can do the following:

  1. Login and navigate to your kontextURL Dashboard.
  2. Click on kontextURL Data from the navigation.
  3. You will now see the following Beacons (By Default):
    • kontextURL Geographic Distribution Data Beacon- Shows Real-Time Clicks from around the World on a map for the past 30 Days.
    • kontextURL Data Graph - Shows the Clicks and Unique Clicks by kontextURL in a Table format. 
    • Real Time Click Tracker - Shows clicks coming in on a Timeline graph, which updates in real-time. 
    • Other Beacons can be added as per your desired configuration. Click here to read more about our kontextURL Data Beacon Library. 

Steps to Creating a kontextURL:

Step 1 - Set up Content Tags

Step 2 - Set up Content Taxonomy

Step 3 - Create a kontextURL

Step 4 - Create a Conversion Path

Step 5 - Review kontextURL Data for Reporting

Step 6 - Create kontextURL Beacons

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