How to use Macros to Customize Beacon Titles

When creating a Title for a Beacon you can optionally use any of the following macros to have specific data appear within the title dynamically, in order to descriptively label the data displayed in the Beacon:

  • $$website$$ = Website Name
  • $$presence$$ = Presence Name
  • $$daterange$$ = Friendly date range (i.e. Last 30 Days)
  • $$daterangedates$$ = Friendly date range with dates (i.e. Last 30 Days (start date - end date) )
  • $$kluster$$ = Kluster Name
  • $$searchengine$$ = Search Engine Name
Note: The Title will also be reflected in the information section at the bottom of the Beacon, which is hidden by default and accessible via the information icon in the bottom right hand corner.
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