How to Add keywords in gShift

Add Keywords to Search Engines to be able to report on them within Reports, Beacons and Panels. 

Follow these Steps to add Keywords to a Search Engine:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the Web Presence you would like to add Keywords too.
  2. Click the Follow Keywords button. This is located in various places throughout the app examples include:
    • Navigate to Keywords > Manage > Select All Keywords from the Left Navigation. 
    • Main Overview Dashboard (Follow Keywords Button)
    • Follow Keywords via Discover Beacons
    • Follow Keywords from Keywords > Summary
    • Keywords > Related Searches
  3. Click Follow New Keywords. 
  4. Enter a Keyword(s) per line that you would like to add. 
  5. Click Next to Add the Keywords.  
  6. Now you will see a list of your Keywords in a New Keyword Batch.
  7. Select the Keywords you would like to add to a Search Engine. 
  8. Click Add to Engine. 
  9. Select which Search Engines you would like to add the Keywords too.
  10. Click Next to Save your selection(s). 
  11. Now you can Add your keywords to Keyword Klusters. Select the keywords you want to add.
  12. Click Add to Kluster. 
  13. Select the kluster you want to add the keywords to or create a new one. 
  14. Click Next to Save the selected keywords to the kluster. 
  15. You are now done. You will now be directed to Untracked keywords (If any exist) or Unklustered Keywords (If any exist) or All Keywords (If 0 Untracked and Unklustered Keywords).


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