Web Presence Overview Dashboard Update

Current Web Presence Overview Summary Dashboard

The Current Web Presence Overview Summary Dashboard was designed to provide you with a quick view of all of your data (Analytics, Keywords, Social and Backlinks) in one place. However, there have been limitations based on the lack of customization and overall insights for new and experienced users and it has been difficult to find the information to report and make a decision based on the metrics presented. You asked, we listened!

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New Web Presence Overview Dashboard
The updated Overview Dashboard will be more intuitive, interactive and fully customizable. You will be able to add, remove or replace any existing Data Beacon to focus on a specific metrics or identify trends and opportunities. The gShift Web Presence Overview Dashboard will be divided into four Primary Sections: 

1. Website Analytics
2. Keyword Position and Discovery Data
3. Content Metrics and Discovery Data
4. Competitive Analysis and Discovery Data

Much of the information you need to make a decision is embedded in Beacons or you can drill down from any Beacon to more granular details and insights. Many Beacons provide the ability to take action, such as discovering and following new keywords, content or competitors.

We've designed and built Beacons to make it easy to focus on what to do next. All Standard Beacons are completely free, while Premium Beacons with advanced data or logic are available for reasonable monthly fees. 

We hope you see and realize the power and value of Dashboards and Beacons, but welcome any inquiries or questions you may have regarding their configuration or interpretation of the data provided.


These are the Beacons that are featured on the New Web Presence Overview Dashboard: Click the links below to learn more

Keyword Metrics

Content Metrics

Competitive Analysis

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