Changes to Follow and Manage Keywords

Please note we have made some changes to the way you Follow and Manage Keywords, Search Engines and Klusters in gShift. All of these functions can now be carried out through the Keywords>Manage section of the App.

When you click on Follow New Keywords you will be presented with a pop-up window where you can add as many keywords as you wish (within your contracted allowance). Click the Follow button to add these keywords to a New Keyword Batch, which you will be able to access from the left side menu later, if you are uploading multiple lists. You can easily copy and paste keywords from a .CSV or Excel file with one keyword per line.

Follow New Keywords and Engines

At this point you will have the options of Adding these keywords to any Search Engines you are following and/or Adding these keywords to Klusters you have created. NOTE: If you do not add keywords to Search Engines, you will not obtain keyword positions (rankings) for those keywords. These keywords will appear in Untracked status.

Add Keywords to Search Engines and Klusters

We highly recommend using Klusters to logically group together and organize your keywords for better data analysis and reporting.

Likewise, you will note Search Engines can be added, managed or deleted within this section. To Add a Search Engine simply click on the Add a Search Engine button and select the National, Local or Mobile Search Engine you require keyword positions for.

Please contact if you have any questions about Managing Keywords, Klusters or Search Engines.

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