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The Website Traffic Timeline Beacon shows the Sessions, Bounces, Conversions and Pageviews over time for the website of your choice within your Web presence. Any global messages, such as Google Algorithm updates or Activities you have marked as Complete within gShift will be included on this timeline. This Beacon is great for visually seeing highs and lows for your website's traffic, along with what may have caused those changes.



Follow these steps to create the Website Traffic Timeline Beacon:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon.
  2. Click Add Beacon Icon
  3. Click Create and Configure Beacon Button
  4. Select Website Traffic Timeline from the List on the Left.
  5. Fill in the Name (Used for Beacon Library)
  6. Fill in the Title (Used in the Beacon on the Dashboard)
  7. Fill in the Description (Used for Beacon Library)
  8. Select a Date Range you would like to Report on.
  9. Select a Presence to Report on.
  10. Report a Website to Report on.
  11. Select the Template box if you would like to make this Beacon a Template. (Optional)
  12. Click Create Beacon to add the Beacon to your Dashboard.

Screenshot of the Configure Options:


  • Hover over points on the graph to get details about the metric or event.
  • Click and Drag between date ranges to zoom in and click reset zoom to zoom out.
  • Click items in the legend to hide data points in the graph.

Now What

The Website Traffic Timeline provides an overview of your website traffic in the selected time period. Note the following:

  • Add Events to track Highs and Lows in the month to know what is the cause.
  • Determine if Lows are caused by off times such as weekends or holidays. 


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