Website Traffic by Location Beacon


The Website Traffic by Location Beacon provides a quick view of where in the world traffic to a selected website within a Web presence is coming from for a selected Time Period (7, 30 or 90 Days). This Beacon can be customized to show or hide columns (Sessions, Pageviews, Conversions or Bounce Rate) as required.



Follow the Steps below to add the Website Traffic by Location Beacon to a Dashboard:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon to.
  2. Click the Add Beacon button.
  3. Click the Create and Configure Beacon button.
  4. Select Website Traffic by Location from the Beacon list.
  5. Enter a Name (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  6. Enter a Title (Displayed in the Dashboard).
  7. Enter a Description (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  8. Select a Date Range to report on.
  9. Select a Web Presence to report on.
  10. Select a Website to report on.
  11. Choose which Columns to display within the Beacon.
  12. Optional - Select or Deselect the Show More Button in the Beacon which will link to additional Traffic by Location data within the gShift app.
  13. Optional - Check the Template Box if you would like to make the Beacon a Template for use in other Dashboards. 

Screenshot of Configure Screen:


  • Click More to drilldown to the Analytics Panel with full list of Locations that drove traffic to your website.
  • Change the columns that are shown within the Beacon in the Configure panel. 

Now What

  • If you identify odd locations within your list of places driving traffic investigate traffic further via Google Analytics to confirm if traffic is valid. 
  • High traffic from a specific location many times can be attributed to actions taken there. Ex. Trade Shows, Advertising, Influencers. 
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