HTML Beacon

The HTML Beacon enables you to embed a Web page (Note: HTTPS preferred. HTTP will show a security warning for mixing non-secure and secure elements.) There are several applications for this Beacon including pulling in Web-based interfaces from other applications, campaign landing pages or relevant videos.

This Beacon will also enable you to add Text blocks or HTML code to your Dashboard for creating section breaks, headings or any other Text or Image based areas to enhance your Dashboard.

Follow these steps to create the HTML Beacon:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the dashboard you would like to add the beacon on.
  2. Click the Add Beacon button. 
  3. Click Create New Beacon 
  4. Select HTML Beacon from the list on the Left
  5. Enter a Name (Used in the Beacon Library)
  6. Enter a Description (Used in the Beacon Library)
  7. Select Text if you would like to add your own text for headlines, HTML code or spacers
  8. Select Page URL and enter the URL of the page you would like to embed in an iFrame.
  9. Click Preview to see the webpage.
  10. Click Create Beacon to add the Beacon to your Dashboard. 


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