How to Setup and Use the List Presences Role

If your Agency or Company needs to segment Users by Web Presence, the "List Presences" Role is perfect for you. It allows you to restrict access to Multiple Web Presences without exposing all the Web Presences within a Client. 


  • Client: Company B
    • Web Presence: Seafood Division
    • Web Presence: Poultry Division
    • Web Presence: Dairy Division

If you have a User who needs access to the Seafood and Poultry Division you would set the permissions up as follows:

  • List Presences Role set at the Client level
  • Set Admin, Edit or Read Only in the Seafood and Poultry Web Presences for the User

The above setup will show the User only the Seafood and Poultry Web Presences. 

If the User only needs to access the Dairy Division, you would simply add the User with a role: Admins, Edit or Read Only to the Dairy Web Presence.

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