How to Create a Dashboard Template

Dashboards provide flexibility to quickly set up Beacons designed to answer your team's most pressing questions. By setting up a Template you can easily reuse a dashboard's layout for multiple Clients and/or Web Presences. 

Follow these steps to create a Dashboard Template:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to Dashboards at the Agency or Client level. 
  2. Click on the Add New Dashboard button. 
  3. Enter a Name to easily identify it in the Dashboard Library. 
  4. Enter the Description to describe the Dashboard and identify it in the Dashboard Library.
  5. Check the Is this a Template? checkbox.
  6. Check Should everyone be able to view this template? to allow this template be added to Clients or Web Presences. 
  7. Enter a Permission if you would like to restrict it to certain types of users. (Optional)
  8. Enter a URL Name if you want to have a specific URL name to easily identify. e.g. dashboard-reports. This is also recommended if you intended to Clone a dashboard template, which will in turn enable you to make changes to it (i.e. add, remove or change the position of Beacons).
  9. Click on the Create Dashboard button to create it.
  10. Add Beacons to the Dashboard and arrange as you see fit.
    • Tip: Create Beacon Templates as well to have Client or Web Presence data automatically fill in once the dashboard has been added to a Client or Web Presence.. 
  11. Now you have the Template setup and it's time to add it to Client or Web Presences Dashboards area.
    1. Navigate to a Client or Web Presence you would like to add the tempalted Dashboard to.
    2. Click Dashboards.
    3. Click Add New Dashboard.
    4. Select the Dashboard you just created from the Select a Template column. 
    5. Your New Dashboard will be added. Simple Beacons will automatically appear and/or populate with data. Most Beacons require some configuration such as selecting a website, search engine, competitor(s) or keyword klluster.
    6. To configure the beacon do the following:
      • Click the Wrench icon
      • Select/Fill in the Highlighted Fields
      • Click Update to apply changes
  12. Repeat Step 11 until you have added the dashboard to all of the Clients or Web Presences necessary.

Need Help setting up a Dashboard Template? Contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

Need a custom Beacon or Dashboard created? Contact us we can develop custom Beacons and Dashboards based on gShift or 3rd Party data to answer all of your most pressing digital marketing questions in one place.

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