kontextURL Geographic Distribution Data



The Geographic Distribution Data Beacon provides real-time clickthrough data displayed on a World map detailing the kontextURL, location and date clicked.

To Configure and Add this Beacon to a Dashboard do the following:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to your kontextURL Dashboard.
  2. Click the Add Beacon button
  3. Click Create & Configure 
  4. Select kontextURL Geographic Distribution Graph from the Beacon list on the left
  5. Fill in the following information to configure your Beacon to your specifications:
    • Name (Name of Beacon in the Beacon Library which can be changed for your internal reference.)
    • Title (Title to be displayed in the Beacon on the Dashboard.) Note: you may use Macros for additional detail.
    • Description (Description to be displayed by Clicking the "i" icon in the bottom right corner of the Beacon.)
    • Date Range (Period of Time to display clicks for.)
    • Select Agency, Client or Presence to pull kontextURLs from. This will default to the Agency, Client or Presence you are currently logged into.
    • Select which kontextURLs or Tags or Taxonomies you wish to obtain clickthrough data for.
    • Options:
      • Select to Omit Bot Clicks or Not. (This is set to On by Default.)
      • Select to Make Beacon a Template or Not. A Beacon template may be used to repurpose the Beacon in other Dashboards.
  6. Click Create Beacon button to add it to your kontextURL dashboard.

Steps to Creating a kontextURL:

Step 1 - Set up Content Tags

Step 2 - Set up Content Taxonomy

Step 3 - Create a kontextURL

Step 4 - Create a Conversion Path

Step 5 - Review kontextURL Data for Reporting

Step 6 - Create kontextURL Beacons

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