Setting up Content Tags

Create Tags and assign values, which will enable you to report on engagement with a kontextURL based on whichever Tags you choose e.g. Channels, Influencers, Content Themes, Content Types, etc. Tags can then also be added to Taxonomies in order to be logically organized e.g. by Campaign, by Department.

Follow these steps to Create Content Tags:

  1. Login and navigate to your kontextURL Dashboard.
  2. Click Create & Manage Content Tags and Taxonomy.
  3. Fill in the Create a New Content Tag field. e.g. Channel. 
  4. Click Create to create the Content Tag.
  5. Fill in the Create a New Content Tag Value Field. e.g. Twitter. 
  6. Click Add to associate the Content Tag Value to the Content Tag selected on the Left. 
  7. Repeat Steps 5-6 as many times as necessary until you have filled in all the appropriate values for your Tag.
  8. Click Save Tag to save the Tag.
  9. This Tag and its values will now be available in the Create kontextURLs panel.

Steps to Creating a kontextURL:

Step 1 - Set up Content Tags

Step 2 - Set up Content Taxonomy

Step 3 - Create a kontextURL

Step 4 - Create a Conversion Path

Step 5 - Review kontextURL Data for Reporting

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