How to Set up a Conversion Path

Conversion Paths for kontextURLs will enable you to report on the performance of your content through a series of External or On-Site steps to an eventual Conversion Point (e.g. purchase, download, form submission, etc.). 

Follow these Steps to Create a Conversion Path:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the kontextURL Dashboard.
  2. Click on Create and Manage Conversion Paths.
  3. Enter a name for the Conversion Path in the Create a New Path Field.
  4. Click the green Create button.
  5. Select a URL to Add to the Path.
  6. Next Assign the Step a Title to easily identify it in the Path.
  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until all of your desired steps have been added.
  8. Use the arrows to reorganize the priority of the Steps.
  9. Adjust the sliders for the steps to assign a value to each step, which will later be used in Conversion Path Reporting.



Steps to Creating a kontextURL:

Step 1 - Set up Content Tags

Step 2 - Set up Content Taxonomy

Step 3 - Create a kontextURL

Step 4 - Create a Conversion Path

Step 5 - Review kontextURL Data for Reporting

Step 6 - Create kontextURL Beacons

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