Image Beacon

As the name suggests, the Image Beacon enables you to add an image to any Dashboard. This Beacon is perfect for adding your Agency or Client logo to add some branding to your Dashboards or incorporating a relevant screen shot from an Ad Campaign or Landing Page you may be reporting on within a Dashboard. 

Follow these steps to add the Image Beacon to your Dashboard:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the Dashboard you want to add to. 
  2. Click the Add Beacon Icon.
  3. Click Create and Configure a New Beacon.
  4. Select Image Beacon from the Left Navigation.
  5. Add a Name (Used for Widget Gallery).
  6. Add a Description (Used for Widget Gallery).
  7. Enter an Image URL or Browse to select an Image.
  8. Click Create Beacon to add the Beacon to the Dashboard.

Example of a finished Beacon:

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